How to Purchase Product Layouts for Woocommerce PRO Version and Activate PRO License?

You can purchase the plugins’ PRO Version from your WordPress dashboard. You don’t need to go anywhere else to purchase it. Let us guide you on how you can purchase the Pro version and activate the Pro License securely.

Step-1: Upgrading Plugin #

Go to Plugins and click on the Upgrade button from the left side of your WordPress left sidebar.

Step-2: Selecting Plans & Pricing #

Once you click, you will be redirected to the plans & pricing page. Choose your plans according to your need and click Upgrade Now.

Step-3: Enter Details #

Now select our plan: Annually or Lifetime > fill up your account details > submit payment information (credit card or PayPal). Then click on the Review Order button.

Step-4: Accounts Details Page #

Now you will be redirected to the Account Details Page where you can check your all pieces of information.

Step-5: Email Confirmation #

Once you have completed the process, check your email box for a confirmation email.

You will get another email along with the PRO Version download link, License Key, and other confidential information. Download the Product Layouts RPO Version plugin and Install it by uploading the file in your WordPress Plugins uploading section.

NOTE: Don’t deactive Product Layouts for Woocommerce Free version plugin. You need to active both of plugins ( Free and Pro Version )

Step-6: Activating License #

After installing the plugin will activate license automatically. But if the plugin don’t activate the license automatically, you have to activate the license. In this case Copy the License Key from the email you got or in your dashboard plugin account page > click Activate License from the WordPress Plugin section > paste the License Key > click Agree & Active License.

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