Product Table Layouts

Dispaly your products in a table. To start enjoying the full features of Product Table Layouts, you must have to learn how to work Product Table Layouts. You can have a look at this video tutorial on how you can easily use Product Table Layouts.

You can use Product Table Layouts only some click. Let us guide you on how you can use Product Table Layouts.

Step 1: Go to Product Layouts Page #

Go to Product Layouts page Dashboard > Product Layouts. After that Click Product Table Layout Box, this will redirect you to Create New page.

Step 2: Create Product Table Layouts #

Click Create Style button, which layout you need. Write a name in Name input filed to identify layout. Afte that click Save button and this will redirect you to Product Layouts Edit page.

Step 3: Customize Layouts #

You can customize layout with your own style using Setting Option. After customize click Save button to save this settings.

Step 4: Display to Frontend #

Click Shortcode, Copy Shortcode from input field and use any where you want ( Page, Post, Widget ). This Shortcode will support in any pagebuilder ( Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, etc ).

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